If we go out looking for a soft drink in the market that has not been contaminated with in some way, it is very rare that we will find one quickly. As the demand for these drinks skyrockets in the summers due to heat, so the adulteration mafia takes advantage of the demand and come into action supplying millions of fake soft drinks. These soft drinks are made from chemicals that are extremely dangerous for health. They contain unfiltered water, industrial dyes to give colour and other very harmful chemicals for human health.

Although the government is working vigorously to stop these monsters that are playing with human lives to make profits, still, somehow the culprits find a way to get their product in the markets. One of the reasons this is possible is because they are so many that shutting down a few does not affect the supply of fake drinks in the market. Punjab Food Authority is also playing a vital role in stopping these monsters that destroy human lives. But we also need to be vigilant to protect ourselves from these poisonous drinks. We can do this by knowing how to detect these drinks. There are some features that these fake drinks have in common.

First of all, when you go to buy any soft drink, take a close look at the level of content in each bottle while they are stacked in the crates. Adulterators fill these bottles with hands, so the level of variation is very high, hence showing that the bottles are fake.

Another way of making sure is to shake the bottle vigorously and looking at it in direct light if you see tiny particles floating in the liquid that means it is fake bottle as the water used in the making is not filtered. Finally, for the bottles having crown caps, you can hold them in hand and move the bottle in a circular motion. If you feel that the edges of crown caps are smooth, that means the bottle is fake because they use the caps over and over again, which makes its edges soft.

These are a few things you can keep in mind while buying soft drinks from any store. If you find any of the factors mentioned above, don’t buy the bottle from there and boycott that shopkeeper as well.


Mandi Bahauddin.