Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan addressed the Nation a few days ago. During his speech, he, again and again, showed his determination that he was not going to spare corrupt elements of the country no matter what. That’s really good to know. But during his speech, Mr Imran Khan pinpointed frequently by raising his finger, which is an inappropriate gesture by the Prime Minister. The dignity of the post of Prime Minister should at least be maintained while addressing the nation, as people of different ages, including kids, watch him live.

Moreover, it is said that our beloved Prophet never pinpointed anyone by raising his finger in His whole life and when we claim that we have to make Pakistan state of Madina, then we have to implement all that used to happen in Madina. Prime Minister should keep a soft smile on his face while addressing the nation as he is succeeding in his sacred cause to grab corrupt politicians of the country and that smile would have more impact instead of showing his aggression by pinpointing through his finger.