ISLAMABAD-Hours long power breakdown at Federal Services (Polyclinic) Hospital on Monday increased the patients’ miseries and a vast majority had to leave the hospital without treatment due to intense hot day and non-availability of light at Outdoor Patients Department.

Capital hospitals’ emergencies and other essential departments have no special power lines provided by the power distribution company in the city.

Officials at Polyclinic said that in case of power breakdown, the emergency and operation theatre are affected as hospital management have to run them on generators.

Officials said that the power breakdown occurred at early morning when electric supply transformers were being shifted. According to the officials, the hospital administration had planned to replace the transformers and shift oxygen cylinders in the room.

“The power supply was cut around 8am and there was no light till 1pm when the hospital emergency and OPD were full of patients,” said the official.

Officials also said that non-availability of light also affected the scheduled surgeries at operation theatre while the patients visiting the hospital remained in devastated situation.

Patients and attendants were seen using mobile torch lights in the narrow corridors of the hospitals to get way, while patients on stretchers also faced difficulties in movement.

A senior official at Polyclinic hospital also said that along with special line of power, the hospital also needed a special gas supply line as low gas pressure created problems for staffers in winter. During low gas pressure in winter season, the staffers have to manage cooking food on LPG cylinders which put additional financial burden on hospital, he said.

“It was not an easy task to cook food of around 700 persons daily on LPG cylinders,” said the official.

A patient at OPD Munib Asgahr from Murree said that power breakdown had made it difficult to sit and get medical examination at the OPD.

“Already there is huge influx of patients on first working day of the week and there is no light in this hot weather,” he said.

He said that the government had was giving no attention to patients’ sufferings at the hospital as there were no special provisions for facilitating healthcare departments.

A female patient on wheelchair in her 70, Gulshan Bibi, said that she reached hospital for medical check-up but her pain had increased in this situation. She said that there was no arrangement of alternate power supply in the hospital for patients. “Everyone including me in the hospital is upset,” she said.

Spokesperson FSPH Dr Shareef Astori said that the power transformers were being replaced due to which the supply was cut for few hours and the hospital faced breakdown.

He said that however, the emergency, operation theatres and blood bank were shifted on generators and power was being supplied to essential healthcare departments.

He also said that IESCO should provide a special power supply line for emergency and hospital for the facility of the patients.