KARACHI - Adviser to Chief Minister for information, law and anti-corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that within two days of passage of annual budget, the incompetent government of PTI has brought mini budget on Monday in form Rs 22 increase in CNG prices which will hit hard directly at the poor masses.

Talking to media persons at Sindh Assembly’s media corner, the provincial advisor added that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team have no concern with the woes of 200 million people of Pakistan adding that Imran Khan was only interested in extending his rule so as to enjoy the perks and privileges as prime minister.

He said that it is strange that the economy of the country had been brought to the point of alarm while prime minister instead of correcting it’s government economic policies, was busy in horse-trading and snatching the mandate of opposition parties by arranging meetings with opposition members of parliament.

He said that our prime minister was more interested in by-elections and visited Ghotki to impact the results of bye election in his allies favor when the budget discussions were going on in national assembly.

The advisor said that despite the passage of ten months, the PTI government seemed directionless and added that increase in gas prices will hit transport sector and industry immensely that will hit hard at the peasant, workers and poor people of Pakistan who were already breathing with difficulties. The advisor was of view that decrease in foreign exchange reserves was major problem of country facing now a days  and in last ten months no direct foreign investment has been seen in the country rather than it was decreased due to confused policies of incompetent and absurd PTI government.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that PTI government has compelled industrialists to shut down their industries by increasing  gas prices and added that fertilizer prices would reach to unbearable level for farmers and growers.

In response to query,  he said that in past Jahangir Tareen Jet had flied Rs 50 per kilo meter adding that horse trading had become the trump card  of PTI rulers. He said that despite the conspiracies and undemocratic tactics, Pakistan Peoples Party government was firm  in Sindh and added that the members of Sindh assembly were brave and enlightened to face unconstitutional tactics of PTI rulers. To another question, he said that the opposition candidate contesting in bye election in Ghotki was a chairman of district council Ghotki and demanded Election Commission of Pakistan to take notice of violation of election laws.