Urdu language is recognition of Pakistan nation and its culture. Therefore, the language should inevitably be given actual constitutional status. If the country’s national language is Urdu and mostly the schools, colleges and universities are in Urdu medium, it is really tough to take competitive examinations like CSS, PMS and PCS in English. Recently, the Senate of Pakistan passed a resolution, which was moved by Jamaat e Islami Ameer Senator Sirajul Haq to allow aspirants of Central Superior Services (CSS) to take examinations in Urdu as well alongside with English.

Why are we still sticking to the language of colonisers? In fact, just in 2016, 92 per cent CSS aspirants failed English papers. An examination in which most of the candidates fail to achieve a good percentage in English, the option of Urdu as the language of preparation and taking of examination may open a new window of opportunity for all those who cannot go far because of their poor knowledge of English.

If one talks in English that is not bad, but national and own language is praiseworthy in which one can find a way of one’s success. The developed countries like China, Japan, France, Germany, Korea and others achieved success using their own language. Why we are we not following in the footsteps of these countries?