ISLAMABAD - Raising con­cerns over rising incidents of multi-storey buildings collapses in the country, experts at a live session have stressed the need for pragmati­cally assessing the reasons for build­ing collapses and recommending policy solutions to prevent such ten­dencies in future.

They were of the consensus view that it is imperative to completely rethink about the cities and urban spaces to encourage resilient, envi­ronment-friendly, and sustainable development practices.

Various experts and leading fig­ures including Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi, Vice-Chancellor NED Uni­versity of Engineering & Technol­ogy, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Sheikh, Ad­ditional Registrar-CPD (PEC), Dr. Shahid Mehmood, Member Planning and Design (CDA), Lt. Gen M. Haroon Aslam (Retd), President IIPS Adviso­ry Board, Brig Khaliq ur Rashid Ki­yani, CEO Architectural and Civil En­gineering Services (ACES), Major Nawaz Minhas, CEO Kingcrete Build­ers, and Mr. Khurram Farid Bargatt, Member IIPS Advisory Board spoke during the session organized by the Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS) here yesterday.

Lt. Gen (R) Haroon Aslam, acting as moderator of webinar, highlight­ed that absence of regulatory com­pliance is one of the major causes of fragile built environment in Paki­stan.

He said that there is an urgent need to eliminate bottlenecks like such as corrupt practices in the con­struction industry, improve land regulation and building control, standardize and implement build­ing laws.

Contributing to the issue, Dr. Sa­rosh Hashmat Lodhi highlighted that the most fundamental cause of building collapse is the non-ob­servance of construction codes and safety codes.

He highlighted that there are mul­tiple factors leading to structur­al failure in Pakistan which include poor design, lack of testing before and after construction, foundation failure, and lack of maintenance or a combination of these factors.

According to Dr. Shahid Mehmood, old buildings that have outlived their useful life are more prone to collapse.

Poor maintenance of buildings can reduce the life of structures and need periodical checks and inspec­tion for faults.

Giving his insight on the matter, Brig Khaliq ur Rashid Kiyani, CEO ACES, demanded that building au­thorities must exercise authority over the construction companies.

Major Nawaz Minhas, CEO King­crete Builders, shed light on one of the most important but often ne­glected causes of building collapse in Pakistan which is the uneven con­sistency of concrete used in con­struction.