KARACHI - Halim Adil Shaikh,  Central Vice President and Parliamentary leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) in Sindh Assembly has urged the leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party  (PPP) to stop playing “Sindh Card” and also not to forget that this card used by them over the years has been discarded by the people across the country.

Responding to the speech made by Sindh Minister for Taxation and Revenue, Mukesh Chawla, on the floor of provincial assembly, with regard to provincial cabinet decision to stop collection of withholding  tax and asking federal government to develop a mechanism for collection of the same , he said PPP leaders and ministers needed to be reminded that tax collection under the 1973 Constitution is a federal subject  and remains to be so even after the  18th constitutional amendment .

“The PPP minister and his colleagues need to recall that they themselves take credit for the constitution of the country unanimously adopted under the leadership of   Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1973 and also of the much trumpeted amendment spearheaded by their party stalwart  Senator Raza Rabbani, “ said PTI leader urging  PPP  activists not to forget that their party is presently restricted to no more than four divisions of the country which itself is  a federation .

Halim A Shaikh referring extensively to different articles of the constitution said  Sindh government  must not mutilate facts  guaranteed and emphasized under the law.