The previous government had launched a laptop scheme in 2013 with the aim of facilitating students with laptops, and helping to enhance their academic level. It was a part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program. It immensely supported students in learning during their academic career. Under this initiative, during 2013-14, 7,176 students from all over the country received a laptop with Internet access for one year. Unfortunately, the current government has abolished this scheme temporarily.

We currently live in a technological era where one’s needs are met through an E-system. To cope, students must be advanced in technology, and it is the government’s responsibility to support students in their aims with such schemes. Otherwise, students will not be able to make progress in technological growth. Similarly, Putting technology in the hands of more students could also reduce the need to build and maintain expensive computer labs on campus. No student can thrive in today’s connected world, global village, without technology. It is a tool for success and inclusion in the digital world.

It was the ex-government’s vision to support students in technology which could have a positive impact on the development of Pakistan. But unfortunately, it was annulled by the current government and new schemes were introduced. In this time of Covid-19, where all educational institutions are closed and online classes are held, this is becoming more important than ever. To resume the laptop scheme could support students who are having issues in online classes. For an advanced and digital Pakistan, Imran Khan should resume the Laptop Scheme, so that it could lead to greater academic success among low-income students and make Pakistan digital.