This year we have witnessed the demise of many literary figures as well as religious scholars. Regrettably, the passing of Mufti Muhammad Naem and Allama Talib Jauhri has created a vacuum that cannot be easily filled. When a country, that is lacking scholars in the field of art and literature, loses even the prestigious ones it has then it is quite painful. Those who left this mortal world for their heavenly abode are Manzar Ayubi, Sarwar Javed, Mazhar Mahmood Sherani, Mohammad Khalid, Tariq Aziz, Najeeb Parwana, Jamil Arshad, Rabb Nawaz Miskin, Wazir Hussain Rahi, Nobahar Shah Khattak and Qadir Khan Sartaj. All of these figures contributed to literature and refined the tastes of the masses. Tariq Aziz was a legendary figure who contributed to various genres of arts. Similarly, Mazhar Mahmood Sherani, the grandson of Hafiz Mehmood Khan Sherani, a renowned scholar of the pre-partition era, and son of famous poet Akhtar Sherani, contributed to Urdu literature in the shape of “Muqalaat”, written in ten volumes. The other poets and writers were also gems of national and regional languages. Unfortunately their departure from this world did not get the appropriate media attention that they deserved, both in print and otherwise. Their deaths have deprived various literary fields of great potential pieces of work.