FAISALABAD - District administration has conditionally relaxed smart lockdown in 8 bazaars around Clock Tower for three days till from July 01 to July 03. If the corona SOPs were not implemented, then the bazaars would be closed again.

This was informed by Deputy Commissioner (DC) Muhammad Ali while visiting the bazaars and checking anti-corona SOPs.

During checking, he ordered to seal branch of Faisal Bank at Chowk Clock Tower and those mobile shops which failed to implement SOPs. He also checked implementation of lockdown at Satiana Road. Assistant Commissioner City Syed Ayub Bukhari was also present.

Talking to media persons, Deputy Commissioner said that eight bazaars around Clock Tower have been opened for three days conditionally. However, traders will have to ensure implementation of Corona SOPs otherwise the bazaars would be closed again till Eid-ul-Azha.

He informed that traffic has been banned in the bazaars and encroachment has also been removed in front of shops. However five places have been earmarked for parking where a reasonable space is available for cars and motorcycles parking. Similarly, shopkeepers have been allowed to do business only inside their shops.

He asked the shopkeepers to implement “No Mask, No Service” policy and also do obey the instructions. He said that Punjab Home Department has extended Smart Lockdown in 17 hotspots areas in view of latest situation of coronavirus.

He said that in Tehsil City Jhal Market Commercial Residential, Waris Pura Gol Commercial Residential, D-Type Colony, Mandi Quarters/Allama Iqbal Colony Residential & Business Area, Raza Abad, Saman Abad Main Bazaar Commercial Area, Tata Bazaar Factory Area, Raza Garden, Eden Garden, Abdullah Garden, Al-Najaf Colony, Muslim Town No.1 and B-Block, residential area of W, X and Y blocks in Madina Town, Aminabad, Nisar Colony People’s Colony No.1 were put under smart lockdown for another 17 days.

Similarly, smart lockdown was also extended in Tehsil Jaranwala adjacent Bazaar from Lahore Road to New Bazaar, Main Bazaar in Khararianwala with Sultan Market and New Shopping Center, Main Bazaar Market Makkoana, Areas from Masjid Bazaar to Road City Church to Nishat Cinema Chowk.

He informed that it has been decided to end Smart Lockdown in certain areas of Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Mansoor Abad, Tehsil Saddar, Sammundari, Tandlianwala and commercial and residential areas of Chak Jhumra as the situation improves. However, in remaining areas the lockdown would continue till July 15.

He said that markets, shopping malls, restaurants, public and private offices will remain closed in the areas of Smart Lockdown. Gathering and events were also prohibited in Smart Lockdown areas. However, grocery stores, general grocery stores, flour mills, fruit and vegetable shops, ovens and petrol pumps in Smart Lockdown areas will remain open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Medical stores, medical services, laboratories, hospitals and clinics will also be open round the clock in all days of the week while milk, chicken, mutton, beef and fish shops as well as bakeries will be allowed to open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., he added.