Some years back, when factional fighting in Afghanistan was taking its toll, one often referred to a game played in that part of the world, known as 'Buzkashi'. In Buzkashi, players on horseback toss around a dead goat. This week, we witnessed brutal acts of public lynching and burning to death of four dacoits in Karachi in broad daylight. Such action by crowds shows brutalisation of our society that has taken place in recent years. The incident should be an eye-opener for all segments of society. Even more shocking is the indifference shown by the society at large despite photographs of this shameless act being carried by the media. It is astonishing that vocal members of politics and pulpit are silent about it. Doesn't their silence indicate the death of conscience? -SYED MUHAMMAD TAQI AKBAR, Lahore, via e-mail, May 18.