Political arena of the country would be a better place if the likes of Maulana Fazalur Rehman call it a day. The Maulana is known for confusing straightforward issues for his ulterior motives and had strengthened the unpopular regime of Musharraf on many occasions. Maulana helped pass the LFO and had been instrumental in Musharraf's 're-election' as he refused to dissolve the NWFP unit of the presidential electoral college. His party performed miserably during his five years rule in the NWFP and was defeated in polls because of the very same shenanigans. Now he is confusing the nation on the issue of Taliban by terming their atrocities as heroic deeds of religious missionaries. I say enough is enough. The nation demands that the Maulana now retires and goes home, leaving the people of Pakistan to their fate. It will be a great service to the nation if he does so. -KHUBAIB USMANI, Islamabad, via e-mail May 20.