KARACHI - Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, organised a seminar on No Smoking Day to commemorate the world no smoking day. The objective of this seminar was to create awareness among masses about bad effects of tobacco use and guide them in overcoming the problems arising after use of tobacco. Dr Hasan Shah, Incharge Iqbal-yada Chest Clinic, told the audience that he established quit-smoking clinic one year back and more then 50 individuals left tobacco use for good with his guidance. He explained that cigarettes smoking not only injurious to smoker but passively it also effect to close contacts. He said that cigarettes smoke contained about 4,000 injurious chemicals which can cause so many diseases, e.g cardiac disease, chronic obstructive lung diseases, cancer, impotence, sterility, abortion in pregnant women and impairment of fetal growth which may cause physical and mentally weak children. Dr Iqbal Pirzada, a chest specialist and additional director Ojha, said that about 100 millions people smoke regularly across the world, 25 per cent of these are women. In Pakistan, 20 millions people are tobacco users who spent about 2000 millions rupees on it annually. Smokers have decrease of 5 years to 15 years of their lives globally. 5.4 millions People die only because of the diseases caused by tobacco used alone. In Pakistan, 0.1 million die every year. Dr Iftekhar Ahmed, Director Ojha, who chaired the seminar, in his key note address, highlighted the religiously unlinked and unwanted aspects of cigarette smoke. He invited the community to work against tobacco use. Chief Guest of the seminar, head of department of psychiatry, Baqai University Dr Inam Rasool, explained the psychiatric problems raised by smoking. He also informed about the latest psychological methods to quite cigarette smoking. Badar Hina, dietitian Ojha, informed the audience about dietary impact of tobacco and also highlighted the use of good and balanced diet for leaving tobacco.