KARACHI - Only dialogues, not military operation, is the solution to the crisis in Swat and Malakand, said Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawwar Hassan while addressing a Meet the Press Programme at the Karachi Press Club here on Monday. History, he said, has shown that force and war have only complicated the issues and only parleys among opposing parties succeeded in solving crises when military option failed. He added that military operation to control the so-called militants in Swat, Malakand and other areas would not solve the problem and ultimately the government will have to go back to the negotiating table to sort out the matters. He reminded that when military option was resorted to solve the East Pakistan issue in 1971, it resulted in dismemberment of the country. There will not be a better example to prove that military option could not solve problems but rather resulted in disasters was the use of force in former East Pakistan where the military suffered defeat and Pakistan had to loose its eastern wing, he argued. The JI Chief said that Swat situation should not bee seen as local phenomenon but a part of international conspiracy hatched against Pakistan. American think tanks and policy makers have been hatching this conspiracy for a long time. They have dubbed the Pushtoon belt in Pakistan as a breeding place for Al Qaeda and extremists and are constantly harping on the theme that force should be used to eliminate militancy and extremism, which they allege is a threat to the West and the US. Swat operation was part of that conspiracy, he said, adding the US think tanks should remember that other super powers of history, British Empire and USSR, had to suffered crushing defeats in Afghanistan and same fate is awaiting the US and its NATO allies. He added the conspiracy planned in the West was not limited only to destabilise Pakistan but was also directed at its nuclear assets. Right from the day-one, when Pakistan became a nuclear power the Western press is dubbing our nuclear bomb as Islamic bomb but it has never called Israeli bomb a Jewish bomb, US bomb as Christian bomb or Indiana bomb as Hindu bomb. This shows the depth of this conspiracy against Pakistan. Munawwar Hassan further said the Western press was constantly writing that Pakistani nuclear assets were not in safe hands. He said the weak Pakistani government was not countering this devilish propaganda against Pakistan though the entire nation was supporting the nuclear programme. He slammed the government for keeping mum and not countering evil designs of India against Pakistan. It was declared on the floor of the Parliament that India was involved in the attack on Sri Lankan team and Police Training Centre at Manawan in Lahore but the government remained silent without speaking boldly against those conspiracies. It was also a known fact that India was involved in Balochistan insurgency but again the rulers failed to utter a single word against New Delhi. The JI Ameer added India had more than five diplomatic missions in Afghanistan along the Pakistani borders and constructed some 62 dams on rivers in Kashmir, in violation of Indus Water Basin Treaty, in order to turn Pakistan into a desert but still the government was silent. Referring to suicide bombings, the JI chief said it was the result of growing American influence in the region. Talking about uncertainty in Balochistan and proposed APC called by the Prime Minister, Syed Munawwar Hassan suggested that first the government should do home work on Balochistan and also invite the Baloch leaders in the APC otherwise it would be a futile exercise. About US drone attack, he said the armed forces had thrown the ball in governments court by declaring that they had the means to counter such attacks. Now it was up to our rulers to decide on this issue, The NRO government can compromise on countrys independence instead of doing anything for the people. Responding to a query, he said that his party had launched a Go America Go movement to counter the growing US influence in the region.