WASHINGTON (AFP) - US special envoy Richard Holbrooke will head to Pakistan this week to examine the humanitarian crisis there as civilians flee fighting in the Swat valley, the State Department said Monday. Holbrooke, special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, will be in the region from June 3 to 5 and will be accompanied by officials from the State Department, USAID and the Pentagon. He is going to assess the welfare of the people displaced by the security operations being carried out by Pakistani authorities against insurgent extremists, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said. While in Pakistan, Ambassador Holbrooke will meet with internally displaced people and relief organisations, as well as with local and other Pakistani officials, Wood said. Wood indicated that Holbrookes main task would be assessing the humanitarian situation rather than politics. I think Ambassador Holbrooke wants to get a sense of how things are on the ground and how we can better formulate our own assistance, Wood said. Pakistan, with strong US backing, has mounted a six-week offensive against Taliban fighters who had advanced to within 100 kilometres of Islamabad. The United States last month announced 110 million dollars in emergency aid to help the plight of the displaced. The aid is on top of a multibillion-dollar package working its way through the US Congress to help Pakistan root out extremism, a top foreign policy priority for US President Barack Obama.