"MQM is allergic to Pukhtoons" Majeed Nizami recently said in a statement. They claim to be patriotic Pakistanis but are allergic to other Pakistanis. That is the kind of patriotism they have. It is based on hatred of all other ethnic groups. In 1947, and thereafter, the Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis and Pukhtoons had all welcomed the Mohajirs from India with open arms and open hearts. No one showed any 'allergy' to the Indian Mohajirs then nor anyone did so to their descendants now. Why are they determined to shut the doors of Karachi on Pukhtoons of Malakand who have been forced to abandon their homes in circumstances worse than those faced by the forefathers of the present day MQM in Partition of India? Let's not forget the Article 15 of the 1973 constitution that gives a right to every citizen "to remain in and ...move freely throughout Pakistan and to reside and settle in any part thereof". Will the Chief Justice of Pakistan take suo moto notice of the blatant disregard of this provision of the constitution and violation of the fundamental right of the Pakhtoons from Malakand? -BARRISTER BAACHAA, Peshawar, via e-mail, May 24.