KARACHI - The price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is expected to go up by Rs 4 per kilogram from June 3, as the price of LPG faces increment of $43 per tons in international market, The Nation has learnt on Monday. While talking to The Nation, Abdul Hadi Khan, Chairman All Pakistan LPG Distributor Association, said that the local LPG producers are linking the LPG price to international market, so they want to increase the price as LPG has witnessed a hike internationally. This increment in the price of LPG will not be just with the LPG consumers in the country, which amounts more than million 20. He added that the imported LPG in the country is 20 % more than the local demand. It can be witnessed that the supply of LPG is higher than its demand in the country, so it would be wrong to hike up the price of LPG in local market. In international market, the price of crude oil has gone up, so is the price of LPG. The LPG crude Butane price has been increased by $ 55 per ton, making it of $ 455 per ton and Propane is up by $15 per ton, so the actual rate is $395 now. The local price of LPG, including GST, is Rs 36,757 per ton these days. If LPG price witnesses hike, than it will be of Rs 43,000 per ton. Hadi added that the government has barred local LPG producers from linking the commodity price to international market, if the producers are still increasing the price than it is illegal. From January 2009 to June 2009, the amount of 35,940 Metric tons of LPG has been imported in the country. It is note worthy that in May, the increased supply of imported LPG in the local market had forced the local marketing companies to reduce LPG prices. The price had been reduced up to Rs 2 per Kg; the rate of LPG is Rs 61 per Kg, this had made the price of 11.8 Kg cylinder to Rs 635, after reduction of Rs 15 to Rs 30. The price of 45.4 Kg cylinder had been reduced up to Rs 57 which makes the price of this cylinder to Rs 2,443. Hadi urged the government to take back the 16 % sales tax on LPG when it is landed in the country, while the taxes on production and its sale should remain.