LAHORE - Maple Leaf Group Chairman Tariq Syed Saigol said that it is a recognised fact that the manufacturing sector was over taxed which is contributing more revenue than other sectors in economy in the country. But despite manufacturing sectors importance and contribution in the national economy, it was ignored by all the governments. Speaking on the topic of Challenges Ahead for Manufacturing Sector at the pre-budget seminar of The Nation he said that due to over burden of taxes on manufacturing sector and ignorance of government, 8 percent decline has been registered in the output of this sector in nine moths of this fiscal while till the end of FY2008-09, this decline probably will increase to 9 percent, he said, pointing out that this would be the steepest decline during last four years. He said that all sectors-auto, sugar, and others are the on decline as cost of doing business has increased to a record level. The dispatch of cement declined by 15 percent in this fiscal in domestic market, he said, adding that all the manufacturing industries were in negative growth. He said that the positive signal are coming to control and bringing reduction in import, but he opined that the trade deficit wildly increasing due to widely gap in imports and exports. He drew the attention of higher authorities of government for Chinese semi goods coming in the country, severely injuring the local industry of Pakistan. He also shared his views about Afghan transit trade and said due to unchecked smuggling to Afghanistan, Pakistan was losing huge revenue. He demanded a ban to be imposed on smuggling and proposed formalisation of trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan. About the energy crisis, Tariq Saigol said that all the industries are suffering due to energy crisis but the government without taking them on board has increased the energy tariff. He suggested rationalisation of energy prices. He said that manufacturing sector already was over taxed, which need to be given relief in taxes at rational level. The other speakers also urged the government to support the industry in the new budget by giving incentives so that the manufacturing sector could face the recession and global crisis in the next fiscal. They said that the exports and the large-scale manufacturing sectors were going into the reverse gear because of high cost of doing business, global economic meltdown, energy crisis and critical law and order situation in the country.