Shafiq Awan The ongoing crisis and raising deprivations among its federating units require a New Pakistan Order (NPO) with the consensus of all concerned partners to ensure the federation's existence. Balochistan is facing the situation we had during 1971 and the reasons are almost the same. At that time West Pakistan was blamed by one of the Federating unit (right or wrong) and now Punjab is being taken as usurper. We did not learn any lesson then, instead focused on finding out reason and logics the separation of East Pakistan. It is time to go for a consensus NPO, as Z A Bhutto did to evolve a consensus for 1973 constitution. The NPO should have full backing of the constitution and the parliament. Balochistan should be on top of the agenda of NPO and followed by the rest of the provinces. The present government should take the initiative for national conference of all take holders. Simply All Parties Conference (APC) cannot bring any consensus solution. The intellectuals, member of civil society, Workers, Trade Unions and people from all walk of live should be invited for a consensus solution of the demand of Baloch leadership. All Balochs regardless of their present position must be the part of this pact. A general amnesty could be announced for the purpose. Each partner should be heard without any pre dictation and given weight to its arguments and demands. Consensus should not mean the majority decision. All political leadership should sit setting aside all personal goals to save Pakistan and the parliament should have its backing to the NPO or new contract between its federating units. Each federating unit would be given equal rights and share and no unit would be allowed to dictate its terms on the basis of population or resources. How we can satisfy the other federating units if Punjab is sharing 65 percent of the whole cake. When no party or province can dare to make federal government without the blessing of Punjab and its establishment. If we are sincere with Pakistan we have to break the myth of mighty Punjab by dividing its numerical strength in the Lower houses. It should be top priority on NPO agenda. This would also be in favor of Punjab and Punjabi establishment and getting rid of increasing hatred against them. We have witnessed equal representation at Senate could not serve the purpose as all powers lies with the Lower House. It is a fact that during last elections the party having strong hold in Punjab was washed out in Sindh and Balochistan and it was an eye opener for Punjabi leadership what approaches the other provinces have about it. It is time for Punjabi leadership to take the initiative. Though the Punjabi leadership claims that the federation is being ruled by PPP. But it is not the time of point scoring or blame game. Every one knows without the support of PML N and Punjabi establishment the federal government could not survive. If the Punjabi establishment (political and military) can take initiative to restore judiciary why it couldn't it go for a bigger goal to save Pakistan by setting aside all personal goals. Much has been written about Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan but we are ignoring what is cooking up in South Punjab. Even the PML N Seraki leaders says that all development funds are being spent on central Punjab and especially when their leadership will head the meeting for the development of Lahore and central Punjab where will they do stand? Deprivation in Seraki belt is written on the wall. PML-N's Javed Hashmi has categorically asked for fifth province in Punjab. Though he said his leadership is not ready for this but they have to. No doubt the solution of every problem lies in democracy. But we believe in 'monarchy democracy' instead of its true spirit. Like kingships we have ' crown prince and princes' in our type of democracy due to which real leadership could never emerge. Our political leadership believes that only they could breed the leadership. We compare our democracy with Europe and America. But when the time came to exercise the democracy we set the saddle for our blood ones only. This is the only obstacle in emerging the leadership with new vision. No doubt democracy is the only solution of all problems but not the 'Pakistan made democracy'. Where family destiny prevails and Bilawal converts to Bhutto and Asfand Yar Wali after Wali Khan followed by Fazul Rahman to Mufti Mahmood and Sharifs to Sharifs. How we can ensure change if we will enforce the leadership from same genetic with the same approach When our front line "Leadership" will emerge through NRO and some through signing apology and rest has the stigma of supporting dictatorship where do we stand? We have to find solution and awake the leadership to realize the situation instead heading meetings in bunkers of " hill top" in Islamabad or at Raiwind they should come out with the solution of the real threats to the country. We have to find way out and the solution is written on the wall 'give them their rights' and it could be done only through the real democracy. We are dealing with troubled NWFP and Balochistan with army operation and bombing our own territory. After NWFP another army operation in Balochistan is also echoing to crush the insurgents if situation went out of control. The Military operation could provide only a 'House job' to the army but not the solution of any problem. Our leadership (military and political) avoids setting the minor dispute at primary level and let it cook up as they reached the insurgency level. The time has come when blaming the leadership alone will not serve the purpose. As a nation we have to get a review of ourselves. Civil society should also come out and pay its share to awake the leadership and society as well as they has to live in this country. Our worthy leadership has alternative arrangements and safe houses abroad. Today the Baloch leaders questioned if NWFP is being given electricity royalty why they are being deprived? The argued that Pakistan is being run on a joint family system in a same house and questioned that Punjab being a family member will set roti price to a rupee or two as it is the biggest grower of the wheat. What would be their reaction if Balochistan set less gas price for its people? The only ray of hope is that we have independent judiciary but it is not the only solution. Judiciary has its limits, we need a complete overhaul to our system and change our inner self and admit all the plunders we have made and go for a new start with honesty, setting aside all political and personal agendas. It is time for a general amnesty to any one and every one to a news start.