Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta Presently we have heard & read prophets of doom decrying all over both here & abroad possibility all that can possibly go wrong in Pakistan. The situation may be difficult and depressive at times but the silver streaks are always there shinning in the darkness. Pakistan is neither a small country and nor that vulnerable. It was created with lot of sacrifices and on Allah's blessings and weather all this storm. Pakistan is geographically situated in one of the most important and strategic locations at the crossroads of different cultures and historical boundaries. It has access to China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, and India and is on way to central Asian States, Middle East & all the rest. In fact it can be loved, hated but cannot be ignored and that is its main strength & vulnerability. On our both western & eastern border we see tensions, reactions and activities & things specially took a dramatic turn with the occupation of Afghanistan by the Russian power, Civil War and now resurgence of terrorism. In fact these acts which could have destabilized any other country could not shake us very much as we have some inherent strengths & blessings. The most significant and overwhelming is the fact that almost 90% of the population is God fearing, straight and simple people who love their country, their religions with absolute faith in their creator and his Prophet (PBUH). Allah has made and shaped this country and he will guide, protect and support it, come what may. It will also be not out of place now to mention our strengths. Recently there has been too much talk of our weakness. We have problems but no amount of suicide bombing intrigues and different issues emerging in different colours will shake our solid will and belief in one's country, defense forces, political system and our resilience. We are blessed with some of the major rivers of the world one of the most fertile valleys and with people who are hardworking brave and committed. Other strengths lie in full commitment to the defense capabilities meeting the complex and diverse situations. An Army that is committed strong, fully trained and committed to safeguard our borders and our ideology and finally fully supporting the democratic process. Now that, they have been delegated the "task" to destroy and wipe out terrorism and insurgency we hope that they root it out completely and not leave the work unfinished. Strong resolve of civilian leadership will be required and necessary once the army operation is over. The civilian set-up will still require strong support for sometime to see that the democratic institutions are fully developed, writ of the Govt established strong enough to remain and sustains. It will be a long and continuous process. Alongside has also developed the issue of IDPs that was and closely interlinked with the security situation. It is exodus on major scale but Pakistan and its people will stand up to this major problem. The people of Pakistan have done this earlier in case of the devastation of infamous earthquake. The outpouring of sympathy, help and support of the Pakistanis was overwhelming. In this case we will definitely match our previous performance. Of course the necessity of minimizing this affect is a definitely important. On the brighten side we luckily have a duly elected legislature and government with the President who is known for his negotiating skills and fully prone to suggestions and reasons. Prime Minister is soft spoken, decisive in manner and dapper in presentation. The Army and its supporting services are fully vigilant and supporting the civilian rule and major coalition parties are in power & Province of Punjab is being run by a very dedicated, hardworking & honest chief Executive. To top it off luckily, we have the privilege of having some of the most dedicated and competent ambassadors assigned to us which are both an asset and bridges of friendship with their parent governments and the countries they represent. Pakistan is so important and relevant to the entire world Muslim & non-Muslim world alike because of its strategic location and importance. In fact people can hate us, love us & probably blame us but no one can ignore us and that is our main strength. May ALLAH protect Pakistan, our country always. On the political side the President and Prime Minister are assisted by very experienced and able cabinet members. For instance Shah Mehmood Qureshio is handling the complex Foreign Office brilliantly while Babar Awan and Raja Pervez Ashraf are also doing equally well in the ministries. Similarly nobody can deny the services of the ever committed Salman Faruqui. Just put him on any assignment and he will deliver. We have all ingredients to make Quaid e Azam's dream come true. Once we have overcome our own major issues and priorities then we should fully thank and support our good friends who have been very kind to us at all times. Luckily we had some good, solid and caring Muslim friends. May Allah protect us all. The writer is Managing Director of Northern Engineering Corporation Email: