PATNA (AFP) - Hundreds of commuters attacked a railway station and set fire to trains in the eastern Indian state of Bihar on Monday in protest against the cancellation of local services. The furious mob ransacked the station in Khusrupur, about 30 kilometres from the state capital Patna, torching four carriages and damaging the station office. An air conditioned bogie of a train was badly burnt and other bogies damaged, said an unnamed railway official. No injuries were reported, but regular train services were disrupted as protestors blocked rail lines. Last week railway authorities announced they would halt regular services to several stations in Bihar that had been started by previous federal railway ministers hailing from the state. The protesters said they believed the cancellations were ordered by the newly appointed railway minister, Mamata Banerjee, who is from West Bengal state. Soon after the violence, rail authorities announced they would resume services to some stations in Bihar. In view of violent protests by local residents, railways decided to resume stoppage of trains at the local railway station, said A.K. Chandra, a senior railway official. Indias main railway board had asked the East Central Railway, which administers services to parts of Bihar, to review the profitabilty of certain routes and cancel them if necessary.