LAHORE- In the middle of a controversy over the Lahore High Court Bar election for the presidential office, the episode of 'disgrace to Attorney General of Pakistan by the lawyers at Punjab Bar Council reception, is getting a foothold to turn into another issue at the level of the lawyers. Lawyers in the city are markedly divided over what was served to Sardar Latif Khan Khosa at the reception by the representatives of the lawyers from all over Punjab as well as from some other parts of the country. And the matter is not in sight to subside so easily as the PPP affiliated lawyers have also come to the open to stand with Mr Khosa, the final arbiter of all the affairs of Peoples Lawyers Forum and other PPP bodies. The dominant feelings by the city lawyers about what was done to Khosa at the reception, are not in favour of that kind of attitude towards a person who is Attorney General of Pakistan and also a senior member of the bar. However others look at the issue from the perspective of Mr Latif Khosas statements and general conduct he had adopted towards the lawyers when they were suffering all hardships for the independence of judiciary through the restoration of deposed judges after the PPP-led government in the centre had relegated on its promises in this regard. A senior lawyer not approving of that 'audacious behavriour of the lawyers at the reception in view of the call of the legal profession, however says, the lawyers did not expect of Mr Khosa after he become the Attorney General that he would so sternly resist restoration of the deposed judges when he himself was in the forefront during the initial days of lawyers movement during Musharrafs era. It may be recalled some bar associations while taking a serious view of Khosa deviation from the lawyers stand on judges restoration, had even restricted his entry to the bar. However that restriction could not be implemented so strictly although it remained a show of resentment on the part of the lawyers. On the other side, PLF have condemned the lawyers behaviour towards Khosa at the reception. At the Punjab Bar Council a large chunk of the elected representatives is affiliated with the PPP and they have also not given countenance to what has been done to Khosa. Judicial Activism Panel, mostly represented by the PPP affiliated lawyers in its emergency meeting Monday also condemned the humiliation of Khosa. The JAP meeting headed by Muhammad Azhar Siddique said, the lawyers have founded a dangerous trend by what they showed to Attorney General at the reception as this sot of conduct does not befit a learned class like that of lawyers. The meeting said difference of opinion is a right of everyone but this right must be exercised within the limits of decency. At present the issue of Lahore High Court Bar election for the president is simmering. A committee of the former Presidents of the Bar have announced to hold fresh election for this office on June 6 next, while the sitting president, Munawar Iqbal Gondal, who elevated himself to this office after appointment of Justice M.A.Shahid Siddiqui (who was elected Bar president in February last) as judge of the Supreme Court in April last, are not conceding to the decision of the fresh election decision. They are poised to resist to the elections. Amid this situation when tension at the bar is mounting every next day, the issue of Attorney General is very much likely to figure in to aggravate the situation. Senior lawyers of the Bar are apprehensive of what may unfold in the time to come and want the lawyers to sort out the matter decently, peacefully and amicably keeping in with the call of their profession. They need to preserve what they earned through hard toil in the form judges restoration which now is on the way to transform into an independent and strong judiciary system.