ISLAMABAD (APP) - Dozens of the registered and unregistered small hotels were reportedly serving unhygienic food in an unhealthy environment to their customers posing grave threats to human health. A number of customers were complaining regarding unhygenic food being served to them in these small hotels. A student of the local university, M. Usman and a shop-keeper Shahid Irfan, who are also regular customers of these hotels, complained about the unhygienic food and un-healthy cooking environment and dirty kitchens of these hotels. Directors Health (CDA) Dr. Khadeja -Tul- Khubra, told APP that they have taken measures to undertake regular checks on all registered hotels in city to bind them according to the law that they should provide better food and environment to their customers. Although they are more curious about the health of hotel staff to give them proper vaccination after six months and get water and food samples after specifics time to check these ingredients in National Institute of Health (NHA). She said that her department has registered 64 cases of non-vaccination, 125 cases of unhygienic food, which was referred to the Magistrate office for further decisions. One of the owner of these small hotels, M. Sadiq denied that his customers are being provided unhygenic food in an unhealthy environment. He accused that concerned authorities of the Capital Development Authority of biased behavior, instead they do not take action against influentional hotel owners. When authorities were contacted Dy. Director Municipal Administration Kamran Butt said, we have set criteria under which we registered the hotels. He was of the view that approximately 90 small hotels were registered in our record instead other they took action against them. , 39 cases of encroachment were in previous months of May which were referred to the CDA magistrate office for implementation of binding laws. Senior Magistrate Saqib Majeed Malik toled APP that they took decision of the different cases on food and encroachment in 10 days and they impose Rs.22,000 fines on different cases of unhygienic food and Rs.12,600 fine in non-vaccination of employees cases referred by the health department in previous months.