ISLAMABAD - After receiving heavy loss in days long fierce clashes with Pakistani Army, the central leadership of Swati Taliban have either retreated to mountains from villages and towns or have simply left the valley to regroup and emerge again when conditions will be conducive. Background interactions with officials here who know the latest developments in Swat valley suggest that almost all the entire leadership of Swati Taliban have managed to save their skin in the face of strong military offensive and have shifted to some save abodes away from the battlegrounds. The Taliban have received heavy casualties and hundreds of their low cadre militants have been killed in the clashes with the Army in the Swat valley, said an official desiring not to be named. He said that it had also been the case with the Taliban in Buner and Dir where they had decided to retreat and wait for the suitable time to remerge and challenge again the writ of the government. He said it was too early to suggest what would be their future course of action, either they would opt for hit and run policy or wait to engage in wide battle once again with the Army. However, he said that after huge loss that had been inflicted on the Taliban, it was unlikely that they would start attacking the security forces soon on large-scale and at the most, they could carry out small assaults here and there. According to official, after days of intense fighting, the security forces were now making advance at much higher pace. After retaking Mingora, the main city in Swat, the troops were now hunting the Taliban leadership in the nearby mountains. The official said that the security forces had besieged another stronghold of Taliban, Charbagh, in Swat where they believed some senior militant commanders were holed up. He said the security forces were trying their best to take out the Taliban leaders, as they didnt want to give them an opportunity to regroup and regain their lost strength. The militants leaders would be followed wherever the intelligence reports suggested their presence, as the government didnt want to give them the breathing space now that they were on run after defeat to save their lives, the official said.