UNITED NATIONS - United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Monday warned that the UN would be forced to cut its services for the tens of thousands of Pakistanis uprooted by the fighting in Swat region unless donors fund an appeal for over $500 million. In a report to the General Assembly on his recent trip abroad and covering current developments, he spoke of the suffering of the displaced people, but regretted that only one fifth of a $543m appeal, which was issued last week, had been received. If we do not get the rest of the funds, we will have to start cutting services, he told an informal session of the 192-member assembly. Questioned about Bans warning, his spokesperson Michele Montas told reporters that since the UN was running low on funds, the secretary-general had to draw the international communitys attention to the situation. On its part, she said, the UN would continue to care for the displaced people if the funds were made available to it. Some 2.4m people have been displaced by Pakistan militarys anti-Taliban offensive, which began on May 2. Only 10 per cent of the total number of the dislocated civilians in northwestern Pakistan are living in camps, with the rest seeking shelter with relatives or in rented accommodations and public buildings, such as schools. The secretary general said there was immense human suffering as a result of the one of the largest, fastest displacements the world is seeing in the past 15 years. Speaking at the launching of the Flash Appeal on Friday, Pakistans UN Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon said Pakistan, already burdened by 1.7m Afghan refugees, needs international communitys help and support to enable it to care for the uprooted civilians. He told a special gathering of some 90 ambassadors and top UN officials that every effort was made to resolve the issue without the use of force, but the Taliban militants had no interest in peaceful resolution. While the present democratically elected upholds human rights, the Pakistan ambassador said it is unfortunate that the Taliban have no respect for the law.