ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has called for enhanced, credible and actionable intelligence sharing as well as defence cooperation between Pakistan and United States for the success of the war against militancy and terrorism. Talking to Director US National Intelligence Dennis C Blair, who called on him at the PM House Monday evening, Yousuf Raza Gilani said that Army operation had been undertaken to eliminate militants from Pakistans territory. He said the government was faced with a gigantic task of coping with the large number of displaced persons and there was an urgent need for the US and the world to fulfil their pledges of providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced people. He noted that the worlds response in this regard so far had been far below Pakistans expectations. The PM underlined the fact that around 80pc of the displaced people were given shelter by the local population. The people of Pakistan hence, as per their tradition of hospitality, have borne the major brunt of the present crisis. However, their resources were already overstretched. Even for a small number of people in relief camps, the available funds were not likely to last for more than a few weeks. Pakistan and its people, he said, had offered unprecedented sacrifices in terms of losses to life and property. It is, therefore, imperative for the rest of the world to discharge their responsibility by doing more in order to mitigate the sufferings of the displaced people, he added. Blair assured the PM that the US and Nato forces would fully cooperate with Pakistan in sharing required intelligence, strengthening the existing tripartite mechanism for better cooperation between the forces on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and in ensuring that militants do not cross over to Pakistans side over the newly deployed US forces in Afghanistan. He agreed with the PM that more than the relief efforts, the rehabilitation and reconstruction phases were crucial to win the hearts and minds of the displaced people and the international community must come forward quickly to assist Pakistan in this regard. Blair termed Prime Ministers leadership as exemplary in uniting the whole nation behind Pakistans military operation against militants and commended him for his statesmanship in building the consensus on this as well as other issues of national importance. Meanwhile, President Zardari asked the US to allow market access to Pakistani goods to help the country overcome problems of poverty and unemployment as a tool to fight militancy and extremism. The President said this during a meeting with the Director National Intelligence of US, who called on the him Monday afternoon at the Presidency. Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Secretary General M Salman Faruqui and Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir were also present in the meeting. The President said war against militancy had political ownership and a broad based national consensus in Pakistan, adding that the government was fated to win it. Blair said the international community and US were willing to help Pakistan in its fight against militants. The war on terror was a collective responsibility of international community and the world was ready to assist Pakistan, he added. The US was committed to a long-term partnership with Pakistan to ensure its political and economic stability, Blair continued. Online adds: US Intelligence Director Admiral Dennis Blair also held separate meetings with President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief of Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. Blair assured political and army leadership of Pakistan for every possible cooperation and said that US will not abandon Pakistan in its war against terrorism and extremism. Sources told that Dennis Blair conveyed message of US administration and said that US was completely satisfied and support operation against militant in Malakand division. Dennis Blair said that US would continue to assist Pakistan in connection He said to make the world free from terrorism and extremism was not the sole responsibility of Pakistan rather it was a joint responsibility of international community. He further assured that US wanted economic and political partnership with Pakistan on long-term basis while the existing ties in security field would also be enhanced. Sources said the issue of drone attacks also came under discussion during these meetings. President Asif Zardari made it clear that drone attacks were giving rise to anti-US sentiments among the masses. He urged US to stop such attacks and equip Pakistan with the same technology.