THE US demand to Pakistan to provide information of every Pakistani travelling outside the country so as to contain terrorism is a matter of serious concern and must be strongly rebuffed. And there should be little doubt that the Americans intend to have Pakistan effectively under their thumb. Indeed, it is chilling to note that the plan involves tracking and virtually monitoring the global movement of Pakistanis by storing their information into a special database. It would also be mandatory on the travellers to give details about the financial source from which they were able to purchase the ticket. Ostensibly, this is aimed at seeking out the networks providing financial means and support to the terrorists. Apart from being the most brazen attack on privacy of the people, it amounts to an attack on our freedom to move as a sovereign nation. In addition to the unprecedented level of scrutiny and screening procedures that have virtually become a nightmare for Pakistanis venturing to travel to the US, the latest profiling of passengers travelling abroad shows its prejudice against the Pakistani nation. By going to such an extreme, is the US not signalling that it considers every Pakistani to be a potential terrorist? Most important thing is that such draconian and misplaced policies, far from containing terrorism, only tend to fuel it. How does the West expect the Muslims to take the brutal massacre on board the Palestine-bound aid flotilla and the Obama Administrations condemnation of it in hushed tones? These are the policies that provoke more and more men from the Islamic world to hit back at what they see is a symbol of oppression and injustice. Islamabad must strongly resist the US pressure on passenger information. The chance that the data given to the US authorities could be used to malign innocent Pakistani travellers cannot be ruled out.