KABUL (AFP) Afghan and international forces have retaken a remote district near the Pakistan border that was overrun by Taliban militants, Nato and the government said Tuesday. The militants seized the district of Bargi Matal in rugged Nuristan province on Saturday, driving out Afghan security forces after days of fierce fighting. On Monday, Nato jets bombed the troubled region in what the alliances International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said was an operation in support of its Afghan counterparts. The defence ministry said Tuesday Bargi Matal had been recaptured. In a joint operation of ANA (Afghan National Army) commando unit and coalition forces last night at 21:50 hours (1720 GMT) the Barg Matal district of Nuristan province was captured by government forces, it said in a statement. Isaf said that no shots had been fired and no one was injured during the operation, which was in response to the large amount of insurgent activity in the area during previous weeks. Meanwhile, a Nato soldier, whose nationality was not disclosed, was killed in a bomb attack on Tuesday in the countrys south. The death brought to 224 the number of foreign soldiers killed during the Afghan war this year, according to an AFP tally based on the icasualties.org websites count.