Our diligent Minister of Interior Rehman Malik has told the media that after attacks on Jamaat Ahmedia, security in Lahore has been further enhanced. He said that on his visit to Lahore in which almost a dozen police and commando vehicles were tagging along wherever he went. The scene of this royal cavalcade passing through in hoots and toots caused fair bit of rise in choler against the ruling mafia in general public. While the rulers have their security multiplied many times over, the ordinary people who actually need it have been left at the mercy of terrorists and militants. And these pernicious rulers The Minister of Interior, wherever he went on May 28, assured the people that he has ordered increased security in Lahore. This has turned out to be more of a (cruel) joke on people of Lahore as the terrorists struck again on May 31 at Jinnah Hospital where they killed several people and then fled away with out any trouble. So much for our 'enhanced security Congratulations Mr. Malik You are great. But remember people are now getting sick of you and dont even want to see your face on TV. Fear the wrath of Allah, fear the wrath of people -ERIC MENDONCA, Lahore, June 1.