Islamabad The Auditor General of Pakistan has detected irregular expenditure of US $250 million from public money by awarding contracts of three rental power projects that are being set up in Presidents home province. Available documents clearly explained that according to the Canons of Financial Para 10 of General Financial Rules, every public officer is expected to exercise same vigilance in respect of expenditure incurred from the public money as a person of ordinary prudence would exercise in respect of expenditure of his own money. Moreover, Audit report 2009-10 revealed that in order to meet acute energy shortage in the country, three rental contracts including 110 MW rental power plant at Guddu, 51 MW Naudero-I at Larkana and 50 MW Naudero-II at Larkana were signed at contract price of US $ 300 million approximately by the Central Power Generation Company with the approval of PEPCO for supply of 211 MW energy. Moreover, contractually US $ 35.750 million was required to be made as advance to the seller of these rental power plants as per terms and conditions of the agreement. Similarly, audit reveals that this amount could have been better used to increase the de-rated capacity of 600 MW combined cycle and 415 MW combined cycle Thermal Power Station, Guddu to the level of installed capacity of these power plants by way of replacement of parts and overhauling of the machines. So such a course of action would have saved approximately US $ 250 million, besides adding to the generation capacity of PEPCOs system. Further, both 600 MW combined Cycle and 415 MW Combined Cycle Thermal Power Station Guddu have total installed capacity of 1,015 MW and total de-rated capacity now is 770 MW. Reportedly, three rental contracts named 110 MW rental power plant at Guddu, 51 MW Naudero-I at Larkana and 50 MW Naudero-II at Larkana were awarded also with the help of Iqbal Z. Ahmed, founding chairman of one of Pakistans largest energy businesses, Associated Group, and a partner in Pakistan Power Resources, to USA based company, Walters Power International owned by the former Governor of Oklahoma (USA), David Walters who claimed that President Asif Zardari was known to him since 1995. David Walters an indicted felon is indeed an extremely resourceful man was convicted in his own country. The Accusations that Walters had promised state jobs in exchange for campaign contributions began early in his term as Governor In October 1993, Walters was indicted by a multi-county grand jury on six felony perjury counts, two felony conspiracy counts, and a misdemeanour count of accepting an excessive campaign contribution. Prosecutors dropped the felony charges in exchange for a guilty plea on the misdemeanour. Here, it is also pertinent to mention that President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari attended the groundbreaking for the Naudero power plant, along with Jeff Canon of Pro-Energy Services to meet the energy crisis in the country. However, Walters was not present in the groundbreaking of Naudero power plant.