LAHORE - The main gate of Bari Studios located at Multan Road has been removed by the residents of neighbouring Haji Pura locality after they were closed at the orders of the Studios new management to deny access to Jamia Masjid Hanfia built upon the Studio premises, The Nation learnt on Tuesday. As per details, the residents removed the gate and took it away at the call of the Khateeb of the Jamia Masjid. They also removed large amount of sand blocking the entrance of the mosque with their bare hands and opened the way for the worshippers to attend prayers. Qari Mian Muhammad Asif, the Khateeb, claimed that the new CEO of Bari Studios, Raheel Bari, had planned a commercial plaza at the site of the mosque and denying the way to the mosque was the first step in this regard. The local residents were furious at the actions of new CEO Bari Studios and chanted slogans against him. They said that the mosque was a peaceful place of prayer for the last 30 years and the previous CEO, Zarak Bari, had never interfered in the affairs of the mosque and claimed that Zarak Bari was still the CEO while Raheel Bari was merely a usurper with no right to manage the affairs.