ISLAMABAD Barrister Dr Basit, who was representing Federation in the 18th Amendment case, withdrew his power of attorney on Tuesday. Dr Basit said that he took the decision to withdraw his power of attorney on misconduct and misperception on part of the Supreme Court. The move came as fallout of the Mondays hearing of the same case in which the Governments counsel was asked by the Chief Justice to reveal the name of the person who had objected over the bench formed to hear the identical petitions against some clauses of the 18th Amendment. Federations lawyer Dr Abdul Basit had, earlier, said, It seems from case proceedings that an attempt is being made to create a clash between the Presidency and the PM Secretariat. He had also said the questions asked from him by the Chief Justice were illegitimate and he would write to the President in this regard. According to sources, after Tuesdays court proceedings, Dr Basit received a call from the Law Ministry and after that he decided to retract his power of attorney. This is my own decision, Dr Basit said when asked whether the Federation is separating him from the case or he made the decision at his own discretion. After the hearing of the case, he told the media outside the Supreme Court that the respect of the judiciary was linked with Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.