KARACHI (APP) - About 134 food export consignments have been rejected by European countries due to presence of pesticides residues, heavy metals and afro-toxin in the last three years. This was stated by the director grain quality testing laboratories, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Dr Mubarik Ahmed while speaking at a food seminar, organised by Pegasus Consultancy at Karachi Expo Centre. He said that most of these consignments were of chillies, spices, dry fruits, pickles and brown rice. We are also receiving alert notices from European countries, he added. Dr Ahmed underlined the need for improving the quality of exported food by removing pesticide residues, heavy metal and afro- toxin material to earn better export prices. We need to have proper legislation for food quality and create a food safety authority for bringing in standardized food for local as well as export purposes he noted. Dr Ahmed said Pakistan was getting a lower price for its quality mango which is one-third of Australian mango due to presence of pesticides residues. Similarly, we are selling our rice cheaper than India for this reason. Other speakers including M Najeeb, Ateequr Rehman of KCCI, Zuzzer Ali, Ms Irna Matveeva (Russia) Abdus Salam, Javaid Aziz underlined the need for setting up certification authority and quality testing centres for halal food.