ISLAMABAD Fallout of Mondays calculated move has surfaced when the script writers Tuesday found Dr Abdul Basit incompetent to execute the task and dropped his name from the list of the counsel of the Federation. Sources privy to the developments informed that after Tuesdays court proceedings, Dr Basit received a call from the Law Ministry, after which, he decided to retract his power of attorney. However, Dr Basit claimed, 'This is my own decision, but his words were not supporting his face expressions. After observing the court proceedings, the Federation has realised that Dr Basit has become irrelevant to execute the assigned task and it backed out from his rescue. The sources said that the task assigned to Dr Basit was to prolong the matter and indulge the bench in non-issues rather than arguing on merits of the case. Dr Basit raised objections on the formulation of the bench but could not succeed in getting desired results. He told the bench that all the six counsel of the Federation met with the Law Minister, who personally contacted the Presidency in this regard. Contrary to his expectations, no one came for his rescue when he was caught red handed while misleading the court. On this, the bench served him a show-cause notice on Monday for his professional misconduct. On Tuesday, Dr Basit told the bench he should be given two weeks to submit his reply and in the meantime allowed to appear before the court in the 18th Amendment case. He informed the court that he would contest the case first and then he would submit his reply. The bench instead of giving the two weeks directed him to submit the reply by June 3. Thus the courts decision blocked the way of malicious designs jointly dreamt by the actor, Dr Basit, and the script writers. Dr Basit ate his own words and pushed the follies of Monday under the carpet, saying that the respect of the judiciary is linked with Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.