LAHORE - After a notable drop in petrol tariff, petroleum products have disappeared from the filling stations owing to artificial shortage which is multiplying the misery of the consumers and motorists as well. It is learnt that the suspension of gas due to weekly holiday at the CNG stations has aggravated the situation in the City causing nuisance for the commuters, a survey conducted by TheNation on Tuesday. The petrol consumers have to face disappointing situation due to unavailability of petrol and CNG on many filling stations situated in various areas of the City because the owners of the petrol pumps suspended petrol supply to the commuters from their reserves after the government announced to decrease petrol prices from Rs 75.8 to 69.04 per litre which caused massive nuisance for the commuters. However, long queues of vehicles were witnessed on many filling stations of the City that continued sale of petrol while most of the CNG as well as petrol filling stations remained closed. A number of commuters were witnessed requesting for getting fuel and some were insisting the employees of the filling stations to fill petrol tanks of their vehicles and on refusal they started using abusive language while some consumers scuffled with the employees after exchange of harsh words. Amir Sheikh, a motorist said while talking to TheNation that the owners of petrol filling stations halted sale deliberately after drop in petrol tariff and they wanted to secure their investment through black marketing and by overcharging the commuters according to old petrol tariff and for this purpose they created artificial shortage of petrol. Hamid Rasheeed, another motorist said that the owners of the filling stations usually use these tactics whenever the petrol tariff raised or dropped. However, they usually stop sale of petrol after raise in petrol tariff but as soon as government announced new raised tariff, they used to start sale of petrol for minting money. On the other hand, the filling station owners were of the view that they were not creating artificial shortage due to drop in petrol tariff but they stopped sale of petroleum products due to suspension of petrol supply from the companies. They said that such petrol pumps having petrol in their stock were supplying petrol to the motorists continuously and uninterruptedly according to the new petrol tariff.