ISLAMABAD Spending hundreds of billions rupees to subsidise white elephants like PIA, PEPCO, etc., the Government is still in a fix over revising salaries of civil servants, which are surviving hard on mere ad hoc relief since 1999. Three days short of annual fiscal policy on June 3, Finance Ministry was contemplating to choose one of options to appease the civil servants already in a state of economic discontent. People at the helm of affairs having soft corner for their fellow civil servants have recommended to give out at least 100 percent increase in basic pay as was given to Army personnel last year but again as an ad hoc relief. It is pertinent to note here that the basic pays of the Government staff are stuck up at the levels of 1999. Successive governments afterwards including incumbent one kept on giving out ad hoc relief. Aggregate of ad hoc relief given in years of 1999, 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2009 amounts to 80 percent. The private sector remuneration in comparison on the average has gone 500 percent up from the levels in 1999. In fact the need of the time was to entirely revise the pay and pension structure of the Federal Government servants either by monetising the perks or otherwise that the Government is failing to do due to fiscal crunch, a senior civil servant observed. According to the initial proposal of the Finance Ministry, a sum of Rs 45 billion was to be earmarked that could have been translated in terms of 25 percent ad hoc relief but only on the running basic. Apprehending reaction in the civil staff of the Federal Government, the Ministry revised its own proposal and requested for approval from Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to a little more allocation for this head. The improvement in the proposal suggested that the Government employees should be given at least 60 percent increase in their salaries in the way of 40 percent of the running basic in addition to another 20 percent ad hoc relief to be adjusted in a later on revision. According to the senior Government officials, the Finance Ministry was again playing trick here that the previous ad hoc relief of 15 percent would be merged in the 20 percent meaning thereby that actual increase in the salary would be 45 percent.