LAHORE - PML-Q senior leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi expressing his grief and sorrow over the loss of innocent lives in the terror incidents in the provincial capital has alleged that mismanagement and inefficiency of Chief Minister Punjab tagged the province with terrorism. He expressed these views while talking to the family members of policeman Ishtiaq Sindhu on Tuesday, who embraced martyrdom at Jinnah Hospital while combating terrorists on late Monday night. Fixing the responsibility of the terror incidents on the provincial government, he said that the incumbent Punjab government has failed to protect the life and property of the people. He said death toll in two consecutive days of terror in the provincial metropolis was the largest in the history of the province. Ch Pervaiz said that the provincial government instead of making foolproof security arrangements after the two terror attacks on the minority community had deputed the provincial machinery on propaganda campaign that terrorists failed to achieve their targets, while the terrorists leash another wave of terror at Jinnah Hospital. Meanwhile Ch Zaheer-ud-Din, Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly condemning the terror attack at Jinnah Hospital has said that the inefficient provincial rulers are the greatest threat to the life and property of the people of the province. He expressed these views while talking to PML-Q office-bearers at Muslim League House on Tuesday. He said the provincial government after failing to protect the life and property of the masses, has lost the right to rule and it should resign immediately. Ch Zaheer said that the province was passing through the worst crisis of law and order, while the coalition partners in Punjab were busy in muscle flexing over share in ministries and job quotas. 'Police orders road hostess, family to withdraw case' Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) Punjab and member Punjab Assembly, Majida Zaidi has alleged that Sialkot Police has kept the sister, mother and brother-in-law of criminally assaulted road hostess under custody to pressurise the family to withdraw the case. Talking to a delegation of Muslim League woman workers belonging to Sialkot on Tuesday, she further alleged police was torturing the family in its private torture cell. Majida Zaidi told the delegation that the case of road hostess shall be presented before the Punjab Assembly as the offenders were so powerful that they had won the sympathies of the police. She said that the incident had proved as wrong the tall claims of Khadim-e-Aala about elimination of Thana culture. In order to hide their failures the rulers have launched false propaganda against the Chaudhry Brothers, but they wont succeed in their nefarious designs because theres was an era in which record development works were carried out. She said Hamesh Khan was being coerced into changing his statement issued in USA to implicate former chief minister Pervaiz Elahi and his family into the case. Majida said that a government, being run on debts should refrain from stoning others while sitting in glass houses.