ISLAMABAD The growing differences between Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Mutthida Qaumi Movement (MQM) are pushing the alliance between the two parties on the verge of collapse as the hawks on both sides are seen in no mood to concede ground on a host of matters of discord. Sources closely watching the efforts being made to normalise the relations between the two sides informed TheNation on Tuesday that it was the stubbornness on both sides which had virtually made the Core Committee, comprising the leaders from both sides to sort out differences, redundant as no progress was made on any of the contentious issues confronting both the parties be it the local bodies issue or the imposition of VAT, since its constitution. Sources close to MQM informed TheNation that since the time they had joined the government none of their demands was given due consideration by the PPP Sindh Chapter what to speak of their fulfillment. The sources said that at the time of joining the Federal Government they were promised that they would be given ministerial portfolios as per their strength in the National Assembly and Senate but no progress in this connection was made yet and the other coalition partners of the government which were having far less strength in the Parliament were having more ministerial slots. Similarly, MQM leaders were not happy with the ruling PPP the way they were lingering the issue of Local Bodies elections and keeping the District Nazim system intact at least in the urban centres of the province. Similarly, MQM was quite disturbed over the way Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had announced restoring the old District of Hyderabad and following the severe agitation and protest by MQM the matter was deferred for the time being and it was referred to the Core Committee comprising the PPP and MQM leaders. The MQM leaders on condition of anonymity blamed PPP leaders for making the Core Committee irrelevant saying they did not let the matters settled at that forum and ultimately either the Prime Minister or the President has to intervene to pacify the enraged MQM leaders on some issue. Once again, MQM during the meeting with PPP leaders at top level made it clear that they would not step back from their stand on VAT and the Federal Government should have to surrender the right of VAT collection to the provinces. Sources said that MQM in their recent meetings with the PPP top leadership made it clear that in case the PPP continued to put the main issues in limbo, MQM would be left with little choice but to part ways with them both at Centre and in Sindh Government. On its side, PPP Sindh leadership is not happy the way MQM was trying to run the affairs of the province and also objected to their attitude towards the government at Federal level. The Sindh chapter of the party had made it clear to the central leadership of the party that they would not cling with the alliance with MQM in Sindh at the cost of their party politics and demanded of the PPP Co-Chairman President Asif Ali Zardari to revert to the old local bodies system in the province which would suit them well. The political analysts were of the view that with the passage of time differences would grow between both the parties that might result in the break up of the alliance, and any of the contentious issue could become the triggering point.