If we closely observe the effects that inflation has on different classes, we find the salaried class to be the most effected. The business class and traders, whether big or small, have the 'opportunity to raise prices of their merchandise on one pretext or the other. Increase in price of petrol, electricity, gas, etc affects their business but only a bit. For compensation of their losses, they increase retail prices of commodities without realizing that their general consumer has had no increase in salaries and pensions for some time. The government is given to increasing prices of basic commodities by levying new taxes every other day but it seems not unduly bothered about increasing salaries and pensions of the salaried class. The people in power dont realize that how can the people cope with ever increasing prices when salaries and pensions dont increase correspondingly? -S. M. ASAAD JAFRI, Karachi, May 31.