LAHORE The Chairperson of Ajoka Theatre and legendry theatre personality of the subcontinent Uzra Butt passed away here on last Monday. Uzra Butt was born in 1917 in Rampur, India. She began her stage career as a dancer with Uday Shankars Ballet Company in 1937 and went on to become the leading lady of the famous Pirthvi Theatre in the 1940s and 1950s. She joined Uday Shankars ballet troupe as a dancer in the 1930s and also taught dance before joining the Indian Peoples Theatre Association in 1944 as an actress. She acted in Khawaja Ahmad Abbass play Zubaida in Bombay. She then worked with Pirthvi Raj Kapoor as a leading actress of Pirthvi Theatre. During her many years as Pirthvi Theatres leading lady, Uzra performed in plays such as Shakuntla, Pathan, Kissan, Ghaddar and Dewaar along with her sister Zohra and traveled all over undivided India with the troupe. In 1964 she migrated to Pakistan with her husband Hameed Butt. Her new country did not have much use for her talent and she led a quiet life in Rawalpindi. It was when Ajoka Theatre introduced alternative theatre in Lahore that Uzra decided to stage a comeback. She joined Ajoka in October 1985. Uzra Butts first play with Ajoka was 'Chaak Chakkar. The other plays she acted in included Barri, Dukhini, Dukh Darya, Takey Da Tamasha ,Talismati Tata, Teesri Dastak, Kali Ghata, Adhuri and Surak Gulaban Da Mousam. But it was in Aik Thi Nani that Uzra finally came together with her sister Zohra Segal in 1993. It was inspiring to see Zohra and Uzra performing together along with their grand niece Samiya Mumtaz. It was a play which brought together an extra ordinary family of performing artists. She was laid to rest at Gulberg II graveyard. Her Qul will be held today (Wednesday) between Asar and Maghrib prayers at 30/S, Gulberg II, Guru Manget Road, Lahore.