ISLAMABAD The National Assemblys Standing Committee on Human Rights has decided to write, through Secretary Human Rights, to the Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice to get the statement of rape victim, Aqeela Tabassum, a bus hostess of Daewoo, recorded. The decision was taken in the light of the information provided by the DPO Sialkot that certain influential people were pressurising the victims family for reconciliation with the accused to save them from any possible punishment up to death sentence. The DPO further informed the Committee that these people were also creating hurdles in the way of recording of the statement of the rape victim as well as her mother by the court, as their statements would provide a base to the court to hold them responsible. The Secretary Human Rights will also write to Additional Session Judge (ASJ) Sialkot, Naeem Arsad for making the statement of the victim part of the record on the next hearing of the case on the 4th of June. The Secretary Human Rights observed that it was his prerogative to write to the judge for speedy trial in the human rights violation cases on the basis of new judicial policy. The statement of the rape victim was to be recorded in the month of May but defending lawyers succeeded to gain more time from the court till the 4th of June. Aqeela Tabassum, who was working as a bus hostess in Daewoo company, was kidnapped and raped by two accused some months ago when she was on her way to home in a van along with driver and security guard. The Committee that met on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Riaz Fatyana at the Parliament House also took notice of the kidnapping of the women of Hindu families that led to marriage after forced conversion to Islam, in Tharparkar, Sindh. The Committee also constituted an investigation team comprising President District Bar Association (DBA) of Tharparkar and a female lawyer to record the statement of the Hindu girl, Maya, who was allegedly kidnapped and later forcibly got married with Mumtaz Hangroo.