LAHORE As a gesture of thank to the Punjab Chief Minister, the parents of a newborn baby in Gilmat Civil Hospital Hunza have named him Shahbaz Sharif. The delivery was conducted by Dr Naira and Dr Rubina Khalid, who are part of the Punjab medical team sent to Hunza on the instructions of Punjab chief minister. Meanwhile, the incharge of the team Dr Mubashar Malik informed that the team had provided medical assistance to 5,000 patients in the last six days. The team treated 1,080 patients in a single day on June 1. The doctors of the team treated 250 patients in Mianchir, 230 in Fakir, 250 in Chalit and 350 in Chatrot areas of Hunza. He said that both the gynaecologists were providing special antenatal care to the pregnant women.