I was shocked to hear views of some of our anchors on a channel last night. They were actually politicizing the dastardly events relating to Ahmedis and blaming the Punjab government for what happened. I think they forgot that these terrorist are blind to religious or ethnic background of their victims, a fact that has been proven time and again. The terrorists choose soft targets and then bide their time before making a strike. I was surprised by the show of anger of a lady anchor who lashed out at a spokesperson from Punjab accusing the administration of having failed to prevent the event. These anchors were all unanimous in calling these terrorists 'Punjabi Taliban in a bid to tarnish the PML-N government in Punjab. The target killings happen all over the country, in Karachi, Balochistan and Pukhtoonkhwah but I have never seen the evil coalition of PPP-MQM getting such scathing criticism for massacres in Karachi. The anchors of private channels are mostly either too terrorized by the MQM to speak a word against it or, some of them at least, are foot soldiers of this ethnic party in the media. -G. OMAR, London, May 30.