LAHORE - The PPP leaders said on Tuesday that after his failure to control acts of terrorism in Punjab, the Punjab chief minister had been rendered incapable of doing any thing positive except issuing suspension orders of the officers. In a joint press statement, PPP leaders including Aurangzeb Burki, Ch Matloob Warraich and Saleem Mughal said that state was responsible for protection of minorities but Punjab government had failed to fulfil its basic responsibility. The government did not exist anywhere as law and order situation in the province was deteriorating day by day, they said, adding that Punjab chief minister and the law minister should resign for their failure to fulfil their constitutional obligations. They believed that role of the law minister had been reduced to a mere what they called marasi in the court of a King, who would also not hesitate to use vulgar language to please his masters. They said the office of law minister had become a laughing stock after irresponsible statements by Rana Sanaullah. Punjab governments soft corner for the Taliban showed that they were working on some other agenda to drag the country towards dictatorship. They alleged that law minister was seen in the company of Taliban during PML-Ns election campaign last month. They said that Punjab rulers were busy in propaganda campaign against President Asif Zardari and Punjab Governor to keep themselves politically alive by seeking cheap publicity.