ISLAMABAD (APP) - The government is planning to appoint dedicated labour attaches at its missions in the UAE and other Gulf countries to help solve issues facing its labourers abroad. We are going to appoint special labour attaches at six missions in Gulf countries including the UAE which have very high number of Pakistanis workforce to directly deal with the labour community and solve their problems, Federal Minister for Labour and Manpower, Khursheed Ahmad Shah told Gulf News. Talking to the newspaper at a reception organised by the Pakistan Social Centre in Sharjah, the Minister said that the labour attachs would work in coordination with the Welfare attaches who are currently handling all affairs related to the workforce abroad. According to the Pakistan Consulate figures, there are more than 900,000 Pakistanis working in the UAE and 70pc of them are labourers or in the low-income group. Khursheed Ahmad Shah said the government was working on plans to provide skilled labourers to the UAE and other Gulf countries. We are still exporting huge number of workers to the UAE and are thankful to the UAE government for increasing the quota of work visas for Pakistani workers from 62,000 to 90,000 per year, he said.