ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has introduced service of Voice Portal for its landline and Vfone subscribers. Under the plan, the subscribers would now be able to enjoy songs dedication and music station services. The voice portal service aims at giving cellular flavored services to PTCL landline and Vfone customers and it is a colorful addition is the already existing array of PTCL services. This service is activated from May 28 and no subscription is required. Customers only have to dial an access code from their PTCL landline or Vfone. For song dedication the code is 1011-888. The Customer can select a song of his choice from the available list, enter recipients number with the code and can dedicate a song. For music station access code is 1011-555, by which customer can access the live radio, pick a song from juke box or create his own play list. Additional information about the service can be obtained from PTCL help line: 1236. SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed said that this service is PTCLs initiative to align itself with the trend to new services in telecom market and to create excitement among customers by providing them Voice Portal services at minimal rates. Aasif Inam EVP Consumer Services said the introduction of this service would strengthen the bond between PTCL and its valued customers by providing them customer friendly services as per their requirements. It would also improve top of the mind presence of PTCL. PTCL, the largest telecommunication service provider in Pakistan is committed to develop and deliver world class telecom solutions, for its customers and striving to meet their expectations. In future PTCL plans to introduce a variety of more innovative services that can enhance customers life, which is companys ultimate goal.