ISLAMABAD While hearing petitions against the 18th Amendment, the Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed Advisor to Prime Minister and Chairman Implementation Committee on 18th Amendment, Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, to appear before the court and express his stance. A 17-member larger bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is hearing the 15 constitutional petitions filed against some clauses of the 18th Amendment. Wasim Sajjad, one of the counsels representing the Federation in this case, requested the bench that Raza Rabbani wanted to appear before the court to present his viewpoint on the issue. The Chief Justice said that Rabbani was allowed to appear before the court, adding that the Court would be pleased to hear him. Akram Sheikh, the counsel for Nadeem Ahmed, a petitioner, argued before the bench that several efforts had been made for the last three years to weaken the institution of judiciary. The Chief Justice was suspended on March 09, 2007, while on November 03, 2007 the executive ambushed the judiciary and now once again the efforts were underway to make the judiciary weaker. The Government argues that the previous mechanism of appointment of judges was not correct, said Akram Sheikh on which Justice Ramday lightly said then Waseem Sajjad is offender who had appointed me. Sheikh said, When the Government formulates the media or textile policy, it consults their stakeholders. But in judges appointment case, it did not discuss the matter with the judiciary, while it should have done so because the judges are affectees in this matter. Justice Ramday remarked on this point that judges were neither affectees nor stakeholders, but the custodian of the law. Justice Asif Saeed, in his remarks, said that the Parliamentary Committee had not said this anywhere that the present judicial system had collapsed. Justice Tassadduq Jilani questioned the counsel, Has judiciary in Britain been asked to give opinion before any change made in the modus operandi of the judges appointment or the Parliament made part of the process? ' During the course of hearing, The CJ asked Akram Sheikh as to what was the purpose of Article-7 of the Constitution when it did not include judiciary as an organ of the state. Justice Jawad S Khawaja queried whether the draft of the 18th Constitutional Amendment was available in other regional languages other than Urdu, Akram Sheikh replied in negative. The Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing of petitions filed against the 18th Amendment till today (Wednesday).