LAHORE Hundreds of terrified patients are leaving the Jinnah Hospital, the second largest hospital of the Punjab, following the terrorists stormed into the facility late on Monday night, killing several people including four policemen. There were visible marks of blood and bullets on the walls inside the hospitals main emergency ward and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as hundreds of policemen took control of the hospital. Doctors, paramedical staff, patients and their attendants were all frightened as on the one hand they were busy in providing medical care while on the other were scared about their security, though hundreds of policemen were patrolling in the corridors of the three-storey building of the hospital. Patients are after me, requesting for discharge from the hospital as early as possible. We are all terrified, stunned and shocked, a senior hospital official told TheNation, requesting his name not to be mentioned. The police are still clueless about the attackers, as investigators have begun probe to track down the terrorists. The police also sought help of sniffer dogs to trace the footprints of the assailants but in vain. The police did not preserve the crime scene therefore, the dogs were unable to trace the attackers, Muhammad Usman, one of the handlers of the team said. The brazen attack on the leading pubic hospital in which terrorists managed to reach the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and emergency department quite easily at a time when a most wanted terrorist was under treatment there besides those wounded in Fridays attack, is a big question mark on the performance of the police. It was a clear security lapse. The terrorists entered from the main gate of the hospital in the guise of visitors using a car. They got parking slip and then forced their entry into the hospitals building from the emergency side, hospital sources said. They opened fire on the attendants standing in the corridor of the Emergency Ward to trigger panic and then reached onto the first floor of the building through the stairs. As they appeared on the first floor they sprayed bullets on the police and attendants of patients right outside the ICU, located in front of the stairs, an eyewitness said. Four policemen including an officer (ASI) and a woman identified on Tuesday as Sughran Bibi, 55, resident of Okara district died on the spot. The bullet pierced through the head of the mother of four, resulting in her on-the-spot death. Police sources claimed that the policemen were on duty outside the ICU where Moaz alias Abu Moavia, an accomplice of the terrorists, was under treatment. Moaz had been arrested with bullet wounds during operation following gun-and-bomb attacks on Model Town worship place of Ahmadis. The police claim about the terrorists under treatment at ICU also leaves several questions, unanswered. Terrorists got information about their accomplice and reached right upto the place where he was admitted? Why the police did not make enough security arrangements at the hospital when the most wanted terrorist, said to be the key suspect, and that his interrogation could help smash their network, was being provided medical treatment in the ICU. Investigators believed that the terrorists managed to escape from the scene before the police cordoned off the entire locality. Despite fear and terror, patients are still arriving. They are panicked and asking for immediate treatment so that they could leave the hospital early, a doctor at the emergency ward said, when contacted. The reports about the deaths were conflicting. According the Principal of the hospital, at least 12 people were killed while the police put the death toll at five, saying four policemen were also among the dead. The police have registered a case against unidentified killers and are investigating. The deceased policemen were buried on Tuesday in their respective native towns. The funeral prayers of two of the victims were offered at Police Headquarters Qila Gujjar Singh. Top police officers including Chief of the Punjab police attended the funeral prayers to pay homage to the deceased policemen who sacrificed their lives for their motherland, at war against terrorists. Online adds: One of the terrorists involved in attack on the Ahmadis, under treatment in Jinnah Hospital was shifted to hospital of Kot Lakhpat Jail under tight security on Tuesday. Five persons including three policemen were gunned down when at least four terrorists clad in police uniforms stormed into the Jinnah Hospital Emergency Ward late Monday night, in a futile bid to rescue or kill an under-treatment terrorist injured in the attack on an Ahmedi worship place in Model Town on May 28. According to Director Administration Allama Iqbal Medical College Dr Salahuddin, the terrorist had entered the hospital through a back door. He said we are trying to obtain CCTV footage of the attack but are facing some difficulties in this regard and have contacted the company in Karachi that has installed the camera. The emergency ward of the hospital has been opened for patients while the two suspects held from premises of the hospital have been released. The funeral prayers of martyred police personnel who died in the attack were offered in Police Lines.