ISLAMABAD - Sindh Government must leave its unfair attitude towards Punjab and lift the unconstitutional ban on the wheat transportation from Punjab into Sindh and then further to Balochistan, it has been demanded in a press conference of Pakistan Flour Mills Association (Punjab Branch) here on Tuesday. The speakers in the press conference said that Sindh government has unconstitutionally put ban on the entrance of wheat from Punjab into Sindh as the Constitution does not allow this kind of restrictions within the country. They termed it a conspiracy of Sindh against Punjab and said that the basic purpose of this action was to destroy Punjab economically. The matter must be immediately taken up by the President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, representatives of flour mills demanded. The speakers in the press conference said that Sindh has also blocked the way to Balochistan for wheat transportation and the traders from Punjab were not able to sell their commodity in Balochistan. They said that Provincial Minster Food Sindh, Nadir Magsi, was the one whose personal decisions were forcing the innocent people to purchase expensive flour whereas it could be available on lesser price if the wheat import in the province was not banned. It was also demanded that Govt of Pakistan must allow the export of the by products of wheat such as flour and fine flour etc. The participants said that Pakistan at least have 5m tons of ample wheat. They opposed the export of wheat but stressed to allow the export of wheat product as they said that it was more beneficial in economic terms as compared to just selling the commodity in the international market. Chairman Flour Mills Association (Punjab), Liaqat Ali Khan while talking to TheNation said that they will oppose any such decision that would be violating the federation laws. He said that in past when Punjab put ban on wheat movement, they also opposed that decision. He said that the Government must allow the wheat flour export to Afghanistan that was a major market of Pakistani traders in the past that now is being taken over by Indian merchants. He said that for the last three months, the association has been advising the government to provide US $ 80-100 export rebate on wheat flour and get the ample wheat processed and exported to earn foreign exchange.