The water outflow from Hunza Lake has reached to 1400 cusecs while more than 48 houses of Tehsil Gojaal would submerge in the lake. According to media reports, the seepage from the spillway has reached to 1400 cusecs and the water level in the lake has been soared to 8.5 feet and length of the lake has reached to 35 kilometer. Due to water pressure craters have formed in the spillway that could cause damage of the spillway. The land erosion is 40 % near spillway while the lake has risen 3 feet towards Tehsil Gojaal and the lake is 363 feet deep from Attabad. 6 houses in Gilmit and 4 in Shashkat have submerged in the lake water. According to statistics the lake has submerged 245 houses till now. Geological experts said that break of embankment would take some time but next 48 hours are very important in this regard.